2018 Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Control Report


Our diving season for Eurasian Milfoil began on June 20 and concluded on September 14.  The divers were delayed in starting their work, due to weather and insurance complications.  Overall, the divers dove for 31 days and collected over 745 pounds of milfoil from the lake.  They reported that the milfoil was more sparsely located in the lake, with less concentrated areas, but that it was growing rapidly throughout the summer months.  When the divers returned to previously harvested areas of the lake, the milfoil had always returned and needed harvesting again.  In many areas of the lake the divers returned to harvest milfoil 3 or 4 times.  A map of the diving frequency areas on the lake can be found under the resources tab of this webpage.


The end-of-season AIS Survey was completed on September 28, 2018.  This survey is completed by Onterra with underwater cameras and GPS location instruments (see map under the resources tab).  The results of the survey were positive, with reduced milfoil found in the previously identified high priority areas and only scattered markings of single or small plant groupings around the lake.  It should be noted that milfoil has been located around all shorelines of the lake. The diver logs and GPS tracker maps show that the divers explored the entire 7.1 miles of shoreline around the lake (at least once in all areas), a task never before completed in previous summers.