The annual review we received from our lake consultants, Onterra LLC., for the 2022 dive season was positive.  Diver hand harvesting met or exceeded its predetermined goals in all target areas on the lake.  The divers harvested 2960 pounds of EWM from the lake, the fifth highest total since we started, and the highest since 2015. This was consistent with other lakes in the northern regions of the state. 


The divers reported that the milfoil returned to areas more quickly and more vigorously after being harvested than in previous diving seasons.  Some new areas of the lake had heavy milfoil this year that had previosly seen only low levels of milfoil. Those included the shoreline north of the boat landing and the bay area in front of Tom Hanson's property. The Loon Bay area area continued to be an area of concern because of the difficulty of harvesting this shallow water bay.


Two of our regular divers will be returning next summer to dive. We continue to look for new divers. If you have interest or know of an interested diver please contact Tom Johansen (district chairperson). Next summer we will also be using a milfoil removal company from Minocqua. This company uses a dive boat with four air hoses for divers to swim in front of the boat and harvest milfoil. Please look for them next summer, and like our other dive boat, maintain a save distance (over 100 feet) from the boat and divers.


Chloride levels were measured as per the request of the electors at the 2021 annual meeting.  The level was recorded at 14.4 mg/l which was an elevetated level from the only previous recording in 1993 at 4 mg/l.  Salt runoff from highway 8 is assumed to have made an impact on the increased chloride levels. We are communicating with the state and county highway departments to share our future readings and potential concerns.


The lake district has received approval from the Crescent and Woodboro town boards to pursue approval from the WIDNR for placement of educational marking buoys on the lake.  Marking buoys for loon nesting areas and dangerous rock shoals will be purchased and placed after approval from the WIDNR is received. These actions are to fulfill the requests of the electors from the 2022 annual meeting.